Hi, I'm Sara.

I study CS and econ at Harvard.

If you’re here to see my portfolio, shoot me a message

I’ve been a software engineer at fintech startups Earnin and AutoGravity,
as well as Snapchat.

I’ve also spent some time in VC. I’m currently a partner at Dorm Room Fund (First Round Capital), and previously spent a summer at Sway Ventures.

I enjoy working on side projects. One of them, Sweetbud, was almost acquired by Philips.

On the side, I help run HackHarvard, HackLodge, and the Harvard China Forum.

To learn more, talk to me IRL: Email LinkedIn Twitter Github

Miscellaneous Talking Points

I like short films, rooftops, airports, poker, mochas, museums, hackathons (went to 24+ to date)

Rough breakdown of where I’ve spent my life so far:
68% Atlanta, 5% Shanghai, 22% LA, 4% Boston, 1% SF